‘It was the car that made us rich’: Car seller’s tale of love and loss

In January 2017, a car salesman from Kurukshetra in Tamil Nadu sold his car.In the course of the sale, he was approached by a woman.The woman told him that her son was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.The salesman was shocked.He had no idea how to deal with such a situation.The salesperson then asked him how he…

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In January 2017, a car salesman from Kurukshetra in Tamil Nadu sold his car.

In the course of the sale, he was approached by a woman.

The woman told him that her son was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The salesman was shocked.

He had no idea how to deal with such a situation.

The salesperson then asked him how he felt about his son.

The man’s response: “Oh, I’m a bit disappointed.

I’ve spent so much time with him and I’ve loved him.

I just hope he gets better.

I’m very happy with my son.”

The man had just completed his first year of university.

He was now in his 30s and living with his parents.

His wife had a heart condition.

So did their four children.

The woman had suffered from Alzheimer.

He knew his son had some problems.

But he had never even heard of Alzheimer’s before.

This is how the man’s life changed.

As he pondered this, he went to the doctor.

He explained that he had not known anything about Alzheimer’s and was quite confident in his diagnosis.

But the doctor’s initial assessment was wrong.

The diagnosis of Alzheimer was not correct.

The man was in the early stages of dementia.

The doctor did not even know about Alzheimer.

The salesman took his case to the Registrar General of India (RGI), who referred it to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHAN).

The NIMHANS research team came to know of the man and his family’s plight.

They sent an email to the NIMS and asked them to check the man for dementia.

Within six days, they had received a call from the man.

He said, “I’ve been in NIMC for six years and I haven’t got any information about dementia.

I have a friend who was diagnosed with dementia in 2014.

I am still in NimC but I don’t have any information on how I’m going to die.”

The NIMSHE team then started looking for a solution.

A doctor at the Nirmal Memorial Hospital in Chennai informed them that he was working with a neurologist to get a diagnosis of dementia and a diagnosis to determine how the brain should be treated.

The neurologist had already diagnosed the man with Alzheimer’s.

He thought it was best to keep him at Nirmals for at least six months.

The neurologist asked for a blood test.

The patient tested positive for Alzheimer’s, and the neurologist recommended he be transferred to Nirmala for a few months.

The Neurologist was also told to ask the family about the condition of the patient.

The family told the neurologists that the man had Alzheimer’s for the first time.

The father asked the neurology doctor to write a report for him.

The family went to a doctor and the man went to NIMM.

The NimM neurologist wrote a report on the man, but the neurologis report on his father was also incorrect.

The report concluded that the son had no dementia, and therefore it was safe to transfer him to NimHAN.

The Nirmalian government did not know about the man in the family until after the man died.

The families had a meeting with NIMN’s director, who told them that the neurologic report was wrong, and that they should have taken care of the family’s concerns.

The father said that he would like to know how he will die.

NIMIHS was also in the process of sending the family a questionnaire.

The parents were asked questions about their son’s condition.

They were also asked about the state of his mind, and were asked to write down any questions they had.

The results of the survey were sent to the parents.

When the parents contacted NIM, the neurological report on their son was also wrong.

The parents were surprised to hear from NIM that the child had no mental health problems.

The boy’s condition was normal, but he had dementia.

They asked the Nimhans team about the report.

They also found out that the report had been written by an employee of the Nimal Foundation, a private foundation that has donated millions of dollars to the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation (ARCF).

The family had also informed the Nimmer Foundation, the charity which runs NIMs research.

The Foundation had informed NIM’s research team about this.

The foundation had even contacted the Niman’s father, who had been in a wheelchair for the past few years, to ask him if he would be willing to take care of his son in Nirmas hospice.NIM’s director had asked the parents to get the report sent to him, and had also written to the ARCF, who has a grant from the National Medical Research Council. The ARCF

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