Why do Sydney’s car buyers prefer cars from Sydney to New York?

By the time I’d driven a pair of the new Tesla Model S’s around Sydney’s suburban suburbs for my own review, I had a couple of new insights into the preferences of buyers of new luxury vehicles in Australia.For one, Sydney is the city of choice for most people in the US and China.The capital…

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By the time I’d driven a pair of the new Tesla Model S’s around Sydney’s suburban suburbs for my own review, I had a couple of new insights into the preferences of buyers of new luxury vehicles in Australia.

For one, Sydney is the city of choice for most people in the US and China.

The capital city boasts one of the best traffic networks in the world, and a growing population of Chinese expats and expats from the country’s far-flung, yet very similar regions.

The city is also home to some of the most expensive car-buying areas in the country, with the average Sydney home selling for more than $400,000.

That’s why Sydney’s suburbs are popular destinations for luxury cars.

They’re packed with bargain-basement luxury homes with good driving conditions.

And while the average price of a new car in Sydney is $26,000, the average sales price for a luxury sedan is $30,000 and the average for a new SUV is $27,000 — so the average household spends an average of $5,000 on a new luxury car in a typical year.

For luxury car buyers, the cost of living is lower in Sydney than in most US cities, where the average house price is more than twice as high as Sydney’s.

It’s even cheaper in Australia’s largest city, with median house prices hovering around $200,000 in Sydney and $400 at the national average, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

But the average buyer doesn’t necessarily pay a lot of money to drive an expensive car in Australia, especially when it comes to the price of gas and insurance.

It may seem like the average car buyer is simply a bargain-buddy — buying a luxury vehicle in Sydney can cost you about $1,400 a month for a driver.

But while the US’s median home price of $200.9 million is quite a bit more than Sydney’s median of $150,000 per household, Australian buyers are far more likely to spend more than that on gas and other insurance.

The average household in Australia spends about $6,000 annually on the fuel bill alone, according the Australian Council of Social Services.

And in contrast to Sydney, car buyers in Australia are more likely than most to be on credit.

They typically have an average credit score of 620 or above, and most Australians have more than one credit card in their name.

That’s about $3,000 a year.

And many of these credit cards are for auto loans, with most of the time being for a car loan.

That said, most Australian consumers can’t afford to take on a car as their primary source of income.

So most people buy a second-hand car for a variety of reasons, such as when they can’t make a living wage and don’t want to pay more to keep the vehicle running.

But for luxury car owners, the price is lower and they have more options when it’s time to sell their vehicle.

A car that can handle a commuteThe cost of driving a luxury car is lower when it has the ability to handle a range of urban trips.

According to the Insurance Council of Australia, if you drive a luxury luxury car for an average monthly income of $3.60 per hour, you’d pay $2,858 per year in gas, insurance and maintenance costs.

That means that for a family of four who own two luxury vehicles, the total annual costs of owning a car is $12,856.

That number includes the costs of insurance, maintenance and repairs, according, in part, to the costs associated with maintenance and fuel costs.

The cost is a little lower for luxury buyers, but it’s still a big chunk of their annual income.

The main reason why luxury car ownership is more affordable than car ownership in the United States is the lack of federal car-insurance requirements.

According the Insurance Information Institute, the federal government only requires that drivers buy a minimum of three years of insurance coverage.

But luxury car owner can take advantage of some of those benefits without buying their own insurance.

In Australia, there are no car insurance requirements for non-commercial motor vehicles.

That includes the cars used by the average American family, which includes SUVs and pickups.

The average Australian household would pay $532 per year on average for private vehicle insurance, according a recent report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

But luxury car insurance is available to all Australian residents.

In the US, it’s required that the owner must be at least 25 years old.

In Australia, that rule is set at 21 years old for noncommercial motor vehicle owners, and 25 years for commercial motor vehicle drivers.

For luxury car buyer, the insurance requirement is waived for a minimum three-year period, so the cost would be $1.8 million a year for a three-

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